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Dr. Green Aloe Vera

The only Aloe Vera without toxic or chemical substances in the Netherlands and surrounding areas!
Available as a plant in different sizes, or as loose leaves for immediate use
as skin and hair care.

When aloe vera is used in a recipe, many of the 300 bioactive substances are lost (enzymes, amino acids, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, etc.) due to heating and filtering. Sometimes only 1 substance remains, but it is allowed. are still sold as Aloe Vera. We take it directly from the leaf, there is nothing fresher and purer than this.
Dr. Green has chosen to grow only the most 'medicinal' strain
Aloe vera is perfect for all skin types and a miracle remedy for skin that has irritations or conditions. Handy to always have in the fridge or freezer, a must during the sunny months, after a day in the sun.

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