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La Twist


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Welcome to the Sanctuary

Our mission is to convince you and show that without chemical, hormone disrupting, harmful products you can enjoy organic beauty even more.

Come to our store for a tailor-made treatment in the salon, for the most beautiful products, or shop online here.

Beauty's natural twist

Beauty's organic twist

Beauty's magical twist

The philosophy of La Twist

Dare to take care of yourself naturally. Without additions. Pure nature. Beauty is a form of being. She demands attention. Again and again. When we take care of her, approach her with resilience and nourish her, she continues to exist. She is beaming.
We nourish your skin from the source, as nature intended. We use pure, organic goodness so that it can breathe the oxygen of life. We unite you back to the ground, where our beauty comes from.
The secret does not lie in the use of chemicals.
Its subcutaneous effect is that we break it down drop by drop
to ignore our own wonderfully powerful body.

The source of Pure Magic

In everything we do, and everything we show, this is what our heart lives and breathes: In connection with nature and with ourselves, then we are at our most beautiful, most powerful and most radiant. There alone is the source of Pure Magic.

What is our future?

At La Twist we do everything we can to provide more insight into the jungle of cosmetic choices.

Terms are often used such as; vegan, natural, organic, but this is not enough. We want to continue where the other stops. We select what we believe are the right choices. In this way we hope to help Mother Earth a little.

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''It's simply a pleasure to be there every time. It really is an experience, so relaxing. Recommended for everyone, it's well worth it!!
''It is unimaginable what a La Twist treatment can do for you. Elsa has a pair of golden hands.”
''Sometimes you get somewhere and you think you can't be surprised anymore. But then you haven't been here yet, best salon ever!''
''La Twist products are honest, delicious and pleasant to use. Highly recommended with a capital A.”
''A kind of mini-vacation!''

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Each treatment is tailor-made, because every skin is unique.

We listen to your wishes. Be guided by our expertise and the toolbox full of natural alchemy.

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As close as nature intended