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Moonie by Mila

Mila wants to make as many women as possible shine naturally with her Moonie beauty tools.

As a beautician she knows the power of facial massages. This brought her to Facial Gua Sha, the subtle variation of the age-old scraping technique that her Indian grandparents used.

She was impressed by the facial massages with the Gua Sha tools that made her skin glow. Mila went looking for the most beautiful facial Gua Sha tools. Once found, Moonie by Mila was born.

The line has now been expanded with unique beauty tools, all with the aim of making women shine naturally and bringing a moment of luxury and relaxation every day.

You can use the Moonie beauty tools every day and take it with you everywhere.

A skin-improving facial massage only needs to last a few minutes and, in addition to radiant skin, also brings a lot of relaxation.

At a time when we are always available and nothing is too crazy
is in the cosmetic field, fortunately we seem to be increasingly realizing that there is nothing more beautiful than a natural beauty that takes some time for itself every now and then.

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Een gezichtsmassage met de Gua Sha spoon vermindert spierspanning en lift en sculpt je gezicht. Rozenkwarts is de steen van (zelf) liefde en harmonie. Het verdrijft negativiteit, opent het hart, werkt troostend en kalmerend.
Moonie Rose Quartz Eye MaskMoonie Rose Quartz Eye Mask
Moonie Rose Quartz Eye Mask Sale price€87,95
Wordt wakker met een stralende huid, verzachte rimpels en een frisse uitstraling dankzij de gezichtsvriendelijke Moonie Face Tape.Deze oude techniek, met gezichtsvriendelijke tape, helpt de gezichtsspieren op hun plek te houden en lift de huid subtiel.
New - MOONIE FACE TAPE Sale price€19,95
Moonie Aventurine facial Gua Sha spoon Moonie Aventurine facial Gua Sha spoon
Moonie White Jade Massage Comb Moonie White Jade Massage Comb
Moonie Rose Quartz Facial Gua Sha HeartMoonie Rose Quartz Facial Gua Sha Heart
De subtiele zuigkracht van de Moonie facial cups stimuleren de bloedcirculatie, voeren afvalstoffen en vocht af en laten je gezicht op een natuurlijke manier van binnenuit stralen.Facial cupping is de subtiele variant van de eeuwenoude cupping techniek.
Dit eeuwenoude beauty ritueel laat je huid van binnen en buiten stralen.De Moonie facial dry brush is gemaakt van super zachte geitenharen. Hierdoor is de borstel geschikt voor je gezicht.
Moonie Facial Dry Brush Sale price€19,95