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La Twist treatment – ​​from 45min + 15min €85,-

Choose the time for yourself, we will do the rest

Each treatment is tailor-made, because every skin is unique. We listen to your wishes. Be guided by our expertise and the toolbox full of natural alchemy. We give the skin space to breathe freely again, including through Natural Face Lifting, connective tissue massage, lymphatic drainage, cosmetic acupuncture, cupping and gua sha.
Whatever your intention, we will do everything we can to give you that experience; an experience with impact, ultimate relaxation and effectiveness. Our ingredients nourish your skin from the source, as nature intended. We use pure, organic goodness on your skin so it can breathe the oxygen of life. We unite you back to the ground, where our beauty comes from.
Our mission is to convince you and show that without chemical, hormone disrupting and harmful products you can enjoy beauty even more.
If you would like to be cared for with our organic make-up after the treatment, you can also leave this to us.
As a service, we give you 15 minutes to get settled and for advice, if necessary.
May we unearth your natural beauty,
La Twist

No-to-Botox Massage

Een intensieve work-out voor het gezicht die prachtige resultaten op kan leveren, ook bekend als een 'natuurlijke facelift'.

Voor het optimale resultaat raden we deze behandeling als kuur aan, maar ook heel fijn eenmalig voor een belangrijk evenement of feestje.

Moonie by Mila Gua Sha Facial

In this relaxing treatment we use various Moonie by Mila Gua Sha beauty tools on the face, neck, décolleté, shoulders and scalp;

Stimulates the flow of lymph
Relaxes and lifts the facial muscles
Stimulates connective tissue - fascia
Increases natural flow of energy in the body.

Body Massage

If you want to be treated from head to toe, choose the combination with the holistic body massage. Highly recommended, because it promotes your overall well-being. This massage brings body and mind into balance and reduces tension and stress.

If you have a specific wish, such as tired legs, tense shoulders, or would like to tackle cellulite with a deep connective tissue massage, we will discuss this before the treatment and adjust the treatment accordingly.

We work with hot stones, cupping, aromatherapy, connective tissue massage, dry brushing, but also work on the meridians and acupressure points.

Your body tells you what it needs...